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If you want to be among the next generation leaders, have contemporary leadership skills that will make you stand out, and you have a humanitarian heart and spirit that pushes you to do something about the pain, suffering, hardship, and poverty in this world, the next USLS should be your next stop. This intensive weeklong leadership in social change program focuses on the perfection of your leadership abilities as you initiate and volunteer in creating change. When you are a young person trying to make a positive impact in the world, you feel small and insignificant in trying to achieve this. You feel like a drop of water in a very vast ocean - what difference could you possibly make? Our program will make you realize that you are not alone in this endeavour to make the world a better place - it will expose you to hundreds of passionate and like-minded young people that share in your vision and working towards the same humanitarian goal. The USLS will enable you to discover how to reach your maximum potential through well-packaged leadership lectures by renowned life coaches, humanitarian workers, group sessions, activities in the local community, and so forth.

We at Humanitarian Affairs provide an international, multicultural platform where young people are equipped with first hand practical leadership experience that can propel them to see the world from a completely new perspective and trigger the humanitarian spirit in them.