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The University Scholars Leadership Symposium has been a wonderful experience for our young leaders who have the vigor and enthusiasm to implement social change. Many organizations have come forward to support the USLS and thereby ensuring that our future leaders acquire leadership skills. Leadership skills will empower future leaders to engage in humanitarian service and commit to long-term service to communities for positive generational change that will no doubt improve community welfare.

Humanitarian Affairs expresses our sincere gratitude to all our partners in making the USLS a success. These organizations have made the USLS possible by contributing funds and rallying future generation leaders from various parts of the world together to interact and share ideas through the symposium.

Thank you very much for giving these young leaders the opportunity to open up through life changing experiences and to understand the importance of making their communities better places for everyone. On a bigger scale, it will transpire to positive change in the nation and the world. The symposium has positively transformed youths in all continents of the world. Taking these experiences from a young age as a young leader will ensure that the skills and desire for change responsible are derived from within. The end result would be selfless leaders who are committed to humanitarian service that is hugely beneficial to the society.