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speakers for USLS 2019

The USLS has some of the world-renowned life coaches and motivational speakers that believe that all the young scholars have the wisdom and power within them to make their life what they want it to be. Our motivational speakers have gained international acclaim and recognition for their humanitarian work. Their inspirational stories of survival in the face of adversity and lost hope demonstrate the extraordinary strength of the human spirit. These humanitarians acknowledge the fact that there are people out there that have been failed by our systems, people whose rights have been violated, and deserve our help and compassion; their work and perseverance serve as inspiration to many. The following is a short summary of some of our unabashedly outspoken motivational speakers that deliver truly inspiring lectures.

Professor Tan Eng Chye
National University of Singapore

Professor Tan Eng Chye is the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) 5th President and he will be the 23rd leader to head Singapore’s oldest higher education institution, which traces its roots to a modest medical school founded in 1905.

Prof Tan obtained his Bachelor in Mathematics at NUS and his PhD at Yale University. He joined NUS as a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics in 1985. Prof Tan's research interests are in the Representation Theory of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, and Invariant Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics.

Prof Tan was a pioneer architect of the current academic system in NUS, and has seeded many initiatives such as the Special Programme in Science, University Scholars Programme, University Town Residential College Programme, Grade-free Scheme, Technology-enhanced Education, etc.
David Begbie
Crossroads Foundation, Hong Kong

David Begbie, the founder of crossroads, a NGO that aims to connect those in need with people who can help, identifies himself as being an ordinary man who stumbled upon a need in the world and found his calling. After founding Crossroads, David has become a world leader for humanitarian issues and has dedicated his life to finding the need in the world and helping to meet it. Through the simulations, his organization has created, he has changed people’s lives in a matter of minutes. David has witnessed millionaires cry, people standing up to take charge and become inspired to make a difference. David is a down to earth, driven and a committed individual.

Over the past 12 years David has become the spokesperson fir Crossroads. He has been a guest at TED, where ideas worth spreading are shared. Through the press, business corporations and the United Nations events he has spoken about his work. He represented his work in South East Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, African and the United States.

In 2007, David received the Hong Kong Humanity Award to honour his outstanding humanitarian contribution. Each year, many attendees of the World Economic Forum, such as UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, British tycoon, Sir Richard Branson participated in his simulation exercise. David continues his passion on charging people’s lives and rising world-wide awareness for global issues. David will speak on what young people could do to help those in need.
Hillary Yip

Hillary Yip is the 13-year-old founder and CEO of MinorMynas, which aims to connect kids around the world for real-life learning. In 2016, she won the 1st Prize and Best Business Award at the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur challenge in Hong Kong at the age of 10 and it was the beginning of her entrepreneurship journey.

The MinorMynas beta iOS app was launched in May 2017. As on Dec 31, 2018, the app has over 45,000 downloads across over 50 countries.

She has been invited to share her idea on many occasions, most recently at the Yidan Prize Summit and Social Enterprise Summit in 2018. In the past, she has spoken as keynote speaker, panelist and other ways of speeches and pitches including Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund Jumperstarter Grand Finale 2017, Leading Women in Futurism Series with The Women's Foundation, EdTech Asia Summit 2017, Hillary delivered a speech at TEDxTinHauWomen talking about her journey in education.

Apart from being a sought-after speaker in events and conferences, Hillary also actively engaged in many speaking opportunities to inspire young people in schools, entrepreneurship boot camps, and leadership classes.

Hillary and MinorMynas have been widely featured by many media outlets including the BBC, Yitiao (一条), South China Morning Post, HK Economic Journal and Tatler to name a few. In Oct 2018, her article is being featured by the digital newsletter of the Malala Fund. Her story of being a visionary young entrepreneur has been circulated globally.
Arifa Nasim
Founder & Executive Director

At 14, Arifa Nasim wrestled with the realities of women around the world being drugged, beaten, imprisoned, raped and terrorised within the walls of their own homes.

Arifa began the simplest form of activism she knew – Dialogue.

Dialogue led to campaigns and campaigns led to the founding of her very own non-profit organisation – Educate2Eradicate (E2E), at only 18 years old.

In a world where the suffering and abuse of many is challenged by the courage of few, Arifa is now at the frontline of the battle to eradicate Honour Abuse, Forced Marriage and Gender-based Violence, for good.

To Arifa, the best form of protection is prevention. Her mission at E2E is to trigger a true grassroots change in communities by providing awareness raising workshops and safeguard training.

Arifa believes in a domino effect of activism, especially among young people. She hopes to empower youth to match their talent with their passion and start their own global movement.
Geraldine Cox
President and Founder
Sunrise, Cambodia

Geraldine Cox, started her career with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs in 1970. Her first posting was to Phnom Penh, where she experienced life in a country at war when the Vietnam War spilled over into Cambodia. After resigning from the government in 1987 she worked for 8 years with the Chase Manhattan Bank in Sydney before deciding to live in Cambodia in 1996.

Geraldine’s original experiences in Cambodia never left her and on a return visit in 1993 she became involved in helping an orphaned Cambodian child. From that small beginning Geraldine co- founded what is now the Sunrise Children’s Villages.

Pan MacMillan published Geraldine’s autobiography, Home is Where the Heart Is in 2000 and Hollywood bought the rights to make a feature film based on her book. The documentary, My Khmer Heart, won the Hollywood Fil Festival Documentary of the Year Award in 2000 and has since been bought and screened by HBO and Discovery Cable Channels.

Geraldine will share her extraordinary life and it will truly inspire you. Her story will make you laugh, cry and most of all, think.
Sam Cawthorn
CEO and Founder
Speakers Institute and Speakers Tribe

Coming back from the dead is not a story most people can tell, except for Sam Cawthorn.

In 2006, Sam was involved in a fatal car accident and was pronounced clinically dead by paramedics. Described as a miracle, Sam was resuscitated back to life.

Despite being told that he would never be able to walk again, Sam defied all odds and took his first steps into a new life just one year later.

Sam’s story tells a profound message of choice – to continue living as a victim of a tragic accident, or to transform impossibilities into possible realities.

Forever the opportunist, Sam chose life. He advocates that it is our decision, not condition, that determines our happiness and success in life.

Since, Sam has become an international best-selling author, an entrepreneur and is one of the world’s most in demand keynote speakers.

He empowers others to use obstacles as a catalyst for positive change and reaching even greater heights than before.
Chris Temple
Documentary Filmmaker & Co-Founder
Living on One

Chris Temple is an award-winning humanitarian, activist and filmmaker.

From living in a tent in a Syrian refugee camp to working as a radish farmer and surviving on $1 a day in Guatemala, Chris is pioneering a new style of activism – documentary filmmaking.

Chris provides the world with unaltered stories and visuals that challenge, inform and engage people in pressing global issues.

As a filmmaker and humanitarian, Chris has been on the front lines educating others on understanding poverty. His work has shifted policy and has raised over 1.4 million dollars for poverty alleviation and refugee support efforts.

Today, Chris continues to create films and campaigns that matter. He travels the world empowering others to help disenfranchised communities through education, micro-finance and refugee resettlement.