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The 21st century is marked by rise of globalization, digital revolution, advances in Life Sciences, economic growth, third world consumerism and deepening concern over terrorism.

These rapid developments pose many challenges to the next generation of leaders. Do you have the clout and the grit to tackle, organize, harness and tame these advances for the benefit of your people, your communities and your nations?

With all the critical global concerns and issues, the University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) is specially designed to provide the next generation of leaders with a vision of how to distinguish themselves as future leaders of the 21st century.

Our core objective is to provide you with the opportunity to learn what will make you, not only a leader but, an effective and distinctive leader. We offer you also carefully researched and tested insights on how to sharpen your cutting edge.

Our distinguished panel of professional trainers, life coaches and world renowned humanitarian workers, will not only motivate you but will show you how to realize the boundless scope of your potential and to be an agent of change globally.