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El-Mostafa Benlamlih
UN Resident Coordinator
United Nations, Indonesia
Acclimatized conditions, revolutionary technology, world-class facilities and exemplary educators- it is little wonders that today’s youths are highly educated and academically qualified. Yet is only a handful that has the calibre to become compassionate leaders and in the process ensure their own success and the sustainability of the world.

Here in Humanitarian Affairs, a formidable task has been taken on: to transform youths from being mere academic sponges to young leaders equipped with the abilities to make pragmatic and responsible decisions:

The ambition of transforming the vast majority of ignorant youths to leaders and responsible decision-makers requires a mammoth effort. This is simply because the young people in our society are rather myopic. Infatuated with the pursuits of distinctions and material comforts, they fall short in recognising the worth of personal development and values such as leadership and compassion, necessary to thrive in the modern workplace and society.

It is therefore remarkable that Humanitarian Affairs, a champion of youth causes, is continuing this uphill battle to motivate and nurture our youths to reach their potential.

Through their annual University Scholars Leadership Symposium, young people have proven to be compassionate and selfless in their relentless participation to improve the lives of the disadvantaged.

But compassion and kindness alone will not be able to fulfil the task at hand - be it a humanitarian relief effort or touching the lives of the deprived communities. It is important that young people cultivate a sense of social responsibility and take upon themselves the drive, the discipline and the devotion for the cause that Humanitarian Affairs champion.

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