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Khun Itthipol Kunplome
Mayor of Pattaya
Kingdom of Thailand
I am pleased that Humanitarian Affairs organises up-scale events like the University Scholars Leadership Symposium where they bring together young leaders from all over the world to fight for a cause. I think this is an inspiring concept which can be seen as a stepping stone to becoming future leaders of tomorrow.

It has truly warmed my heart that the organisation also connects their delegates to our local community through their service-learning programs. The delegates are able to have a deeper insight on the underprivileged society here in our city. To see young people coming from all over the world with different nationalities, religions, languages, cultures, and traditions, create a special bond with one another; to offer their love, care and affection to complete strangers who are in need, I believe, is an uplifting experience and is the kindest gesture of humankind.

I give my full trust, support and confidence in Humanitarian Affairs Asia’s ability to draw more smiles from those who have known nothing but poverty their whole life.

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