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What is University Scholars Leadership Symposium?

It is an intensive five-day training program focusing on personal development leadership skills and essential life skills.

The USL Symposium aims to nurture the leadership potential of Youth Leaders from Institutions of Higher Learning. This is done by equipping them with the necessary skills, imparting them with knowledge and providing them with valuable opportunities to apply the abilities they have learnt in order to concurrently benefit themselves as well as their communities.

This Symposium also focuses on opening the minds of young college students to humanitarian causes globally and teaches them that they have the power to lead projects in order to implement a positive and sustainable change.

Who may apply?

Humanitarian Affairs invites all outstanding youth leaders, between the ages of 18 to 30, with the following qualities to participate in the USL Symposium.
  • Youth Leaders should demonstrate a strong leadership potential and aspire to constantly learn from others to better themselves.
  • Youth Leaders should have an open mind and a genuine appreciation for different perspectives and individuals with different backgrounds, interests and ambitions.
  • Youth Leaders should show consideration for others and possess an interest to better society.
If you think that you fit the criteria to be one of our delegates for the University Scholars Leadership Symposium, do drop us your application form!

How do I apply for the Symposium?

Please use the online application form to apply.

How much is the participation fee?

The Participation Fee varies from USD 770 to USD 1,250 and it includes 6 nights of accommodation; Breakfast, Lunch and coffee-breaks for 5-day; One T-shirt; 1-day of Experiential Learning Program; Local Transportation; Gala Ball; and A Certificate of Participation.

Who will shoulder the cost of my flights to the host city?

International travel arrangements and costs will be the sole responsibility of each participant.

Are there discounts available for the registration fees?

We offer an early bird registration rate. Please look at the fee payable under Registration Fee. There will be an additional discounted rate if 5 or more persons apply at the same time.

Do we offer scholarships or subsides?

We are unable to provide any financial assistance. We suggest you check with local organizations, such as the Lions or Rotary clubs in your area for sponsorship.

Can the organiser assist me with my entry visa?

We will provide approved applicants with a Formal Acceptance Letter to facilitate the application of Entry visas. You can present this official letter to the Embassy of the host country if you are applying for an entry visa.

Please note that the acceptance notice does NOT guarantee the issuance of a visa or admittance to the host country. Visa issuance is entirely contingent upon the Embassy's and Consulate's discretion, and admittance upon the Immigration authorities' discretion at the point of entry.

May I still attend if I am not a College Student?

You can still attend the conference as observers. All NGO representatives, Youth Workers and those interested in Humanitarian Service are welcome, but the age should not be over 45 years old. The fees are the same as for any delegate; please use our on-line application system to apply.

May I attend for one day only?

Yes; the full registration fee is still applicable. However, you will not be eligible for the Certificate of Participation unless you complete the full training program.

What if I have not received an acknowledgement?

You are expected to receive an email notice concerning the outcome of your application within 3 to 5 working days from the date you send in your application. If you do not hear from us within 7 working days, then most likely your application is not successful.

Can I reapply if I am rejected?

You may appeal for further considerations on your application if you feel strongly about participating in the Symposium. There will be a phone interview to assess your suitability during this process. No further appeal will be entertained if you again fail to secure a place after this assessment.


Please use the online contact form to contact us. However, if you need to speak to us; please call our Asia Office at +66-85-2323-234.