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Mr. Etienne Clement
Deputy Director
UNESCO, Thailand
When I read through the programme of the University Scholars Leadership Symposium, I must say that I was extremely fascinated.

What you have experienced with Humanitarian Affairs, I have personally also experienced when I started to do humanitarian work, and so did my colleagues in UNESCO and the UN who are working in this field. Working in humanitarian affairs involves a give and take all the time. We receive as much as we give, and the more we give, the more we receive. Clearly, that is something of a life commitment.

I would like to congratulate Humanitarian Affairs for doing a tremendous job to nurture our future generation of young leaders. I am convinced that youths will benefit greatly from the programs offered by Humanitarian Affairs.

My best wishes to Humanitarian Affairs for the challenging yet very rewarding work you are doing. I wish the Organisation success for all your future endeavours.

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