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During the Conference

Some tips to consider
  • Build relationships with other delegates.
  • Be confident of who you are. Young people are increasingly recognized within the global community as agents of change.
  • Understand diversity among delegates. Respect differences in religious and cultural beliefs and background.
  • Recognize language barriers. Try to use simple English, if English is your first language. If English is your second language or a foreign language, don’t be afraid to ask people to slow down or repeat things that you don’t understand.
  • Be sensitive. Be mindful that each person comes from a different context and has a different outlook on poverty and humanitarian issues.
  • Keep your self-confidence up. Smile! :-)
  • Approach delegates the way you want to be approached – with courtesy and respect.
  • Listen and observe. Be open to diverse input.
  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to other delegates, and ask questions.
  • Take your time and put in effort to network with the other delegates. This is a great opportunity to get to know other scholars.