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plan your experience


How can you fully benefit from the Symposium? It may mean setting goals in advance and working towards achieving these goals. It can involve how you engage and support other participants. It can also mean taking away key concepts and translating them into practical actions. An international conference means different things to different people, but all participants should enjoy the same outcome: Learning and discovering new things.

Before the Conference

Getting ready for the Symposium
  1. Identify predominating humanitarian issues and which poverty issues you are concerned with.
    • Which regions and groups are badly hit by poverty and/or natural disasters?
    • What do you think needs to be done?
    • Why should humankind care about the issues related to poverty?
    • How do the social, political, economic and physical environments contribute to these problems?
  2. Learn about the major human rights, humanitarian and poverty issues.
  3. Ask your peers, professors or colleagues which humanitarian issues are important to them, why they are important and how they should be addressed and resolved?
  4. Connect with other delegates via the symposium's official Facebook page.