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Br. Armin A. Luistro
Secretary of Education
Republic of the Philippines
The youth, as future movers of the nation, should engage in social activities that would make them realize their roles as agents of change in the world. By doing so, we need platforms that would make them passionate about positive social changes.

In the light, the Department of Education, Philippines commends the Humanitarian Affairs for holding the 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium, here in the Philippines. This symposium becomes an avenue to hone young minds with leadership skills and to kindle the passion in them for serving the country. We laud your efforts in giving the leaders of the next generation the opportunity to look to themselves as the change they want to see in the world.

Furthermore, leadership summits do not only hone individual talents of students in management. The capacity to work with others, to recognize the talents of their members is also a vital skill in becoming a leader. An effective leader should be aware that change does not only happen in his / her hands but with the concerted efforts of everyone.

We congratulate Humanitarian Affairs for this event and we wish you success for in the future.

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