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After the Conference

Your conference experience shouldn’t end when the conference ends. What you do afterwards is just as important as what you learned at the conference. The conference may only last a week but it can serve as a catalyst for addressing key issues that are important to you. The next step is to put the information and knowledge gained to use in your own initiatives and community.

Ask Yourself

  1. What did you learn? How will you apply it?
  2. Stay in touch with the delegates through the official Symposium Facebook. Consider starting up a collaborative follow-up task at the conference.
  3. Apply to start a Humanitarian Affairs Chapter in your college and brainstorm sustainable development projects to benefit local communities.
  4. Consider how you can integrate what you learned at the conference into your daily life and work, using the principles of self-discovery and personal reflection.
  5. Take it to your community. There are many ways to share what you have learned with others in your community. You can generate media attention by writing a letter to the editor or submitting a press release to newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations about what you have picked up from the various speakers.
  6. You can also arrange to do presentations at schools, local community groups and youth groups within your community. Write and distribute a formal report on your experience or post a blog. The possibilities are endless!