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International opportunities that bring students together to share both academically and socially are limited. The University Scholars Leadership Symposium is a great opportunity for our student leaders to learn, widen perspectives of society and explore how to change it positively. Humanitarian Affairs thanks all our stakeholders for making this annual Symposium possible and enabling the students to get lifetime leadership experiences. Humanitarian Affairs also appreciates the skills acquired by the students that will enable them identify and utilize opportunities to make significant changes in the community. Cooperation and peaceful participation have been wonderful and indispensable skills. These skills ensured University Scholars Leadership Symposium delegates carried the Humanitarian Affair spirit with them when they graduated from this Leadership in Social Change Program.

The University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about, and understand, their potential as agents of change in an international context. A University committed to a model of global practice-oriented learning, UTS has sent 55 students to participate in the Symposium to date, and we will continue to send our students to USLS as part of their journey to become future leaders.
Professor William Purcell
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
This symposium stuck out to me as it seemed to be one that would enable our students to learn and grow as servant leaders dedicated to solving the issues our world is facing and actually cause them to act. FAU is continually looking for ways to build on our leadership platform and is passionate about developing leaders who are capable of thinking globally.

The 2015 International Leadership Symposium did not let us down. The students had an experience that included many opportunities for critical thinking regarding real world issues that will serve as sustainable life tools for years to come.

Our students have shared what they learned with our student body and are constantly looking for ways to be engaged role models. Giving the exciting and enriching environment at FAU, I am confident our students will put what they learned into action.
Dr. Corey A. King,
Vice President for Student Affairs
Florida Atlantic University, USA
What is the most important thing to be a leader? It is not a question of how to be a leader or what kind of skills we need to be a leader, but it is about for what we exercise our leadership. In my opinion, it is not for ourselves, but for the others, and more importantly, for our society. I am talking about social responsibility of the leaders. ‘Our society’ is not referred to only our country, but it is extended to global community and all mankind.

The USLS did not provide the young student leaders from around the world with only the skills of being leader, but also the social responsibility. The Symposium delivered experiences and inspiration from many international esteemed leaders who have utilized their leadership to help people and to make our society and the world better. More importantly, it was the process of activity-based learning to understand, to analyse, to plan and to act to solve problems in our society.

And the most wonderful outcome was the participants can learn from each other. Not only can the student leaders learn, but also I learned, with amusement. And that made the USLS the best and the most enjoyable symposium I had attended over the past few years.
Prof. Dr. Prinya Thaewanarumitkul
Vice Rector for Student Affairs
Thammasat University, Thailand
At the University of Newcastle, Australia, we believe that empowering our students to become global citizens and future leaders is how we’ll solve the challenges facing tomorrow’s world. The University Scholars Leadership Symposium was a wonderful experience for our students – it inspired them to continue to strive to be such leaders, and provided the opportunity to build the global networks that will help them along the way.
Professor Caroline McMillen
Vice-Chancellor and President
The University of Newcastle, Australia
My participation as a faculty observer in the University Scholars Leadership Symposium has been an experience of a lifetime. I have come to witness peoples from different cultures, different religions and different races, working together, living together, and loving together; peoples from various nations and various languages unified by the common spirit of giving, loving, sharing, caring, and cooperating and raring to become their own persons.

In this symposium, I had an awesome experience of learning new things, meeting good friends, building and nurturing relationships, and creating networks with faculty observers from other universities; as well as visiting wonderful locations and enjoying places of interest in the host country. My wish is for more people to learn and share the same wonderful opportunities and amazing experiences I had. You, too, can have your chance to live the USLS experience.
Mr. Severino P. Pader
Vice-President for Student Services
Technological Institute of the Philippines, Philippines
University Scholars Leadership Symposium organised by Humanitarian Affairs is an amazing event that brings together hundreds of young people from across the world to focus on some of the most urgent and significant challenges faced by humanity. It is an excellent opportunity for the youth to be exposed to such demanding issues in an enabling and informative environment in which they can build lasting friendships with each other.

For building peaceful societies in the future, the world needs such initiatives as USLS and Coventry University is a proud participant of this process over the last six years. When I took 19 Coventry University students from 12 different countries to the 6th USLS in Hong Kong, I was hugely impressed with the impact that the symposium had on them and their perceptions of the world of humanitarian affairs. Many thanks for making this happen year after year and look forward to the next USLS.
Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem
Director of the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies
Coventry University, United Kingdom
The Symposium has shifted paradigms, broadened perspectives and opened up the minds of the NTU students, not only in the sphere of humanitarian work, but also in their awareness and contemplation of the needs and pressing issues facing the world today. Our students are deeply inspired by speakers who brought with them the cumulative wealth of their experience in social causes that have made real impact to lives around the world - and greatly encouraged that "no one is too small to make a difference”. Their biggest takeaway: that humility and grit, constantly keeping the motivations in check, whilst upholding moral and ethical integrity throughout - are keys to efficacious and sustainable social causes. A number of them have begun exploring how they can serve, starting from their immediate communities.
Professor Teoh Swee Hin
Chair, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Universiti Utara Malaysia has participated in several University Scholars Leadership Symposiums and all have brought positive impacts on our participants.

The recently concluded symposium in Hong Kong was truly a life time experience for 15 Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) students, representing a country that is attributed with its success in propagating multi-culturalism and multi-lingualism. Indeed, the Hong Kong experience put to rest the notion that life is all but easy and although you are blessed with peace and harmony, nothing should be taken for granted.

In all the past USLS, which we have participated, it was all well organised. The USLS had exposed our students to many facets of life experiences. Had we not been given the opportunity to participate and interact with the other international participants from many countries and also the local community, their perception about the roles and the impact they would make in the society after completing their studies at UUM, would be misguided and short-lived.

Natasha Adilah quipped, “I learned so much about being focussed and to stay true to your set aims.” On the issue of social diaspora, Choo Weng Loon was touched by the issue of misconception and treatment of people with physical disability discussed in one of the parallel seminars. On the whole, the symposium had provided our students with knowledge and exposure that was unique and would not be the same elsewhere. Nor Amalina Aliyas lamented, “Although the symposium was held for several days, it felt so short because we were fully involved in many of the activities organised.” The group graduated from the USLS as better people, with wonderful memories and well learnt experiences.
Abdul Malek Abdul Karim
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni)
Universiti Utara Malaysia
The University Scholars Leadership Symposium has influenced many students over the years, some learnt knew knowledge, made new friends, inspired and supported each other, were supported while being accountable and cheering others towards their best. They have learned that those who exhibit excellence rarely see themselves as exceptional and they seem unaware of the difference they have made in others. These are people with a positive outlook, personal integrity and vocational faithfulness at the core of their being. They are less occupied with visible results than with substantive relationships grounded in mutual respect and love. The University Scholars Leadership Symposium is certainly a platform where Taylor's Business School will be committed to participating for years to come.
Vinitha Padmanabhan Guptan
Dean of college
Taylor College, Malaysia
I was able to attend the University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Hong Kong with my students. All my students have told me that they have learnt so much from this extra-ordinary experiences that they would love to attend it again.

USLS is a wonderful platform for youth to connect to the world and to understand culture, religion, and ideas from different parts of the world.
Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, Ph.D.
Asia University, Taiwan
It is such a wonderful opportunity for me to have been part of the USLS in my capacity as a faculty observer. Both my experiences at the USLS in Thailand and the USLS in Indonesia have been great.

I have seen how the delegates from all over the world have been transformed into more responsible members of the community. I have also witnessed how our scholar-delegates have developed their leadership skills. In fact, they have been able to establish the Humanitarian Affairs De La Salle Health Sciences Institute Chapter. Indeed, the University Scholars Leadership Symposium makes one’s dreams happen.
Dr. Johnny O. Cabanias
Director for Academic Services
De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, Philippines
The University Scholars Leadership Symposium is an excellent platform for empowering future leaders. Our students came back from the Symposium with much enthusiasm to serve the communities in need. I believe USLS is an excellent platform to nurture our youths into a compassionate global citizen.
Dr. Joyce Teo Siew Yean
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Global Affairs)
Universiti Brunei Darussalam
As educators, we are preparing the next generation of leaders to work towards solving the world’s most complicated problems. The motivational speakers, breakout sessions focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the hands-on service project at the University Scholars Leadership Symposium stood out to me as a unique and globally-focused leadership development opportunity. Miami University’s students were energized from networking with peers from around the world and appreciated the opportunities for self-reflection and service. We look forward to participating in USLS for many years to come.
Ms. Karla Guinigundo
Director of Global Partnerships
Global Initiatives
Miami University, Ohio, USA
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has the great pleasure of co-organising the 6th University Scholars Leadership Symposium with the Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom in Hong Kong. It was truly heartening to see so many young people from around the world gathered together with such enthusiasm and dedication to learn how to be socially responsible leaders.

Education is not only about knowledge or expertise, it is also about attitudes and values. I have high hopes for you all to become the citizens of tomorrow our world urgently need – professionally successful and socially responsible. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours and to make our world a better place to live in.
Professor Timothy W. Tong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University